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capsule translation - Board doesn't recognises CapsuleTranslation.csv

Question asked by igu on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by igu

Hello everybody,


As an admin I have created a capsule with a simple Screen. On the Screen is a data view showing the turnover.

Now I have another account where the language ist set to Italian.


In the board Folder ist the "CapsuleTranslation.csv" file . If I fill in the translated words, Board uses the translated words easily for the data view mentioned above. But if I Name the .csv-file into "CapsuleTranslationIT.csv" Board doesn't recognises this file, instead it creates a new "CapsuleTranslation.csv" file.


What I want is following:

Depending on the language of the user, e.g. English en: Board should use the CapsuleTranslationEN.csv, if the user is set to italian it: then board should use CapsuleTranslationIT.csv


Is that possible?


Kind regards