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Pager behavior

Question asked by thomasr on Nov 7, 2018



Obviously the pager behavior in the HTML5 client has changed fundamentally compared to the Windows client.


Only one example:


For two interdependent pagers, the second pager in the Windows client first highlights and sorts the entity members that belong to the selection of the first pager. Below this, the elements that were not selected are displayed sorted again.

In the HTML5 Client, on the other hand, the list of entity members is sorted, but the selected entity members are only highlighted, but not sorted separately.


Previously, the behavior was understandable and practical. One could see at a glance which elements are selected. Why has the proven behavior of the pagers in HTML5 been thrown overboard so far, making it more difficult to work efficiently? Do only we find the behavior of the pagers impractical, or are there other Board users who are just as dissatisfied with the current situation in the HTML5 client?


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Pager in Windows-Client   Pager in HTML5-Client


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