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Column Algorithm user language dependent

Question asked by amasiero Employee on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by breuber

Hi all. 

I need some idea to put in place a translation within a dataview. 

The dataview is quite complex, so i'll prefer a simple solution saving me the time to entirely edit all the layouts.

I have a formula as follows: 

if(a=1;"En cours";if(a=2;"En attente";if(a=3;"Envoyé";"Rejeté"))))

I know that i can eventually create an entity Status and transform the cube with numeric values into a text cube that I can localize afterward. But this will require important changes, creation of procedures etc etc, a lot of changes in layouts.... furthermore, do not have time do it like this. 

Hence, I would like to avoid it. 

Now, my question is: 

do we have a way to retrieve the language with which the user is logged in as a "substitution formula" for instance. 

To be more clear, 

i would like to be able to transform my "if" in something like 

if(lang="FR"; if(a=1;"En cours";if(a=2;"En attente";if(a=3;"Envoyé";"Rejeté"))))

if(lang="EN"; if(a=1;"In Progress";if(a=2;"On Hold";if(a=3;"Sent";"Rejected"))))

if(lang="RU"; if...... 


where lang can be eventually a block where i have @Language, or directly have if(@Lang... 

Is there some solution like this? or similar? 

Any idea is welcome. 

Thanks a lot in advance.