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How can i plot Grand Total Values, Obtained from Column Algorithm blocks, On Line Graph ?!

Question asked by malav on Nov 19, 2018
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Hello All,


I have one scenario where i am thinking how can i plot graph based upon Grand Totals,


here is the example of that same scenario,




I have the table as shown above, Fees Lost and Fees New are two blocks which i have created using Column Algorithm, 

  • These two blocks shown above are based upon other column which i have Hided using Hide this block optio
  • In The Layout > Axes Tab
    • in By Row i have Hierarchy like : Test ; Subtest     |    in By Column : Month 
  • And so we get the above Dataview as show in the Pic


Now what i want to do is like this: (i am using paint as an illustration)


  • I'll Copy the layout of the DataView and Paste it into Layout for Chart (line Chart)
  • I want to display the Grand Total values for each month on Graph , Just Grand Total Values only, Like this



How can i achieve this on board ?


Help needed,


Thanks and regards,