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Chart Bug in Board Web

Question asked by awaker on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by jconstabel

Hi all,

another day, another question


Board Version: v10.1.2


I have a strange bug, which I find no solution for. The graph executes normally in the client, but in the web it shows all numbers as cero and also changes the axis. The strange thing is, when I export data from the web it shows me the right figures.






Export from Web:


I am using 2 more graphs on the same screen which display the same data in the client and web, they have the same settings and same Axes layout as the "Active Users per Month" chart. The only difference is the cube (which uses DataType: MXC).

I already tried to copy paste the chart or create a new one. Same problem appears.


Looking for an idea.


Thanks so much.