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HiAdvice needed on dataflow procedure

Question asked by awaker on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by djeschkeit

Hi Boardville,


thanks again for your help, I enjoy the community and make progress in getting more knowhow

Still I got a question.


I have the following task:


In my database is a cube which shows 'Sucessful Logins by User', which looks like this.

Layout Select based on "Login Action"


From this cube I want to exclude the Admin and Controller entries, therefore I created an additional cube based on the same dimensions, so that the database looks like this.

Layou Select based on "Login Action"

Layout Filter on a Cube which filters out the Admin and Controlling Users.


Now the challenge:


Instead of showing the tables, I want to present this in a chart, but instead of showing the results by user it should show them as a "Total" number, which should be like that:

As far as I know, I can't use the same cube in Board for the graph because the one is based on multiple dimensions. 

My idea was to create a new cube based on the dimensions: User, Month. Add a new User called "Total" in the entity and then I wanted to use a procedure to copy-pased the total numbers of the cube 'Succesful Logins by User (excl Controlling, Admin', to the new cube, on the user entity 'Total'. However I am stuck at this, don't know how to do that, or if this is even possible.


Does someone has a solution in mind, hope my explanation is clear