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Filtering by Date Ranges Using Multiple Date Fields

Question asked by fordreid on Dec 5, 2018
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I am currently working on a project where our End User would like to search a DataView Report but have the ability to have the ability to search by Date Range but with 2 different Date Fields.  Our CRM currently is capturing when a customer begins their subscription service as well as when the customer ends service.  I've created a cube where the Start Date can be used with the Calendar Time Selector Tool in the DataView.  Is it possible to have a 2nd Calendar Time Selector that points to the End Date?  Or perhaps toggle between the Date Fields using a Selector or Pager?


In regards to building, is the back end solution to perhaps copy the cube structure using the Start Date but point to the End Date instead?  I'm assuming another copy of the Start Date Data Reader would needed as well? 


Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.



Ford Reid