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Documentation EXCEL-ADD-IN

Question asked by dma on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by dma

So, I'm about to take a closer look at the EXCEL-ADD-IN from Board.

At first sight what's offered is rather disappointing! A handful of more or less powerful VBA functions, I could live with that, then I build them myself. My "old" MIK software already had much more to offer. And that was more than 15 years ago!
But what is an absolute NO-GO: The documentation. This seems to be a common thread right down to the last corner of the software. Beside the (sparse) online help I just found ONE document (Excel-Macros [Build in 2012] in which the ADD-IN is tried to explain, at least rudimentarily. Besides there is actually ONE other pdf-document (Excel-ADD-IN-Function [Build in 2014] which definitely doesn't deserve the name helpful!
Okay, there is probably a lot of frustration on my side now. I had promised myself much more, and: I was promised much more!


To get to the point: Does anyone have DETAILED information about the Excel-Add-In beyond the files I mentioned?


Or there are REALLY only three EXCEL functions (Bcube, SetSelection, SetSelectionwithRefresh) besides the six VBA functions and six layout functions.
And: Who can describe to me the item Functions in Bcube (DBName; CubeName; Coordinates; Functions)?


Well, I had to figure that out.