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Mapping in Board

Question asked by alpimilano on Dec 8, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by anobles


i'm quite new in Board and i'd like to know if I can create a user interface for mapping a general ledger.

The requirement come from a customer that is asking us to mantain a P&L in BOARD.

This will require, between others features, the possibility to create and mantain different P&L schema (in Board).

Once the schema will be created periodical data (typically montly data) will be loaded from the General Ledger .

The trial balance to be load will have the GL account details so we need to create a user interface to allow the customer to map the GL accounts with the schema accounts.

What it's requiring is a practial user interface (with drag and drop or similar facilities) handled directly from a capsule screen (not a batch procedure like export to excel-> map -> import from excel).

It's possibile to do this in Board? There are any sample i can look for to understand the techniques?

Many thanks in advance.