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The auto-update does not work unless the user has admin rights on their PC.  We do not want to grant admin rights over a period of weeks or more while they get around to upgrading their client as this poses an unacceptable security risk.

Question asked by mfahey on Dec 11, 2018
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We have upgraded our board server to

When installing the clients we selected the "#auto update" option.

For users that have administrative rights on their workstation, the auto update usually works (but sometimes does not). However, if the user does not have admin rights on their workstation, the auto update will fail. Sometimes it even fails when they have admin rights and we have to in-install and do a fresh install of the new client.
Many of our users do not have admin rights on their machines as we try to limit elevated permissions to only those users who have an absolute business need to have those permissions, for obvious security reasons.

Do you have any solutions for this issue? For instance, do you have customers using Microsoft SCCM to push updates to user machines? Are there any command line options to do the client upgrade that we could use in a scripted solution (using SCCM or some other automation?)
 Any solutions or suggestions would be appreciated. 

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