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Dataview on web not Sequential

Question asked by chrisyanmanalu on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by tg_jbaetens

Hi All,


I have some problem about dataview on web version. When I am trying scroll dataview to the right, the data are sequential, but when I turn back to the left, the data are not sequential. Its like suddenly while user trying to scroll, it will jump to random column. Any advise ??



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When I scroll this dataview to right, the data are sequential.


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When I turn back to the left, the data jump to another random column. As you can see the dataview, when I am trying scroll to the left it should be "2019WK20, 2019WK19, 2019WK18", but suddenly like "2018WK20, 2018WK19, 2018WK18"  the column are not sequential