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Data picker value is not being displayed ?!

Question asked by malav on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by malav

Hello All,


I am not able to display value using Data picker, here are the steps i have done from start, 

let me know if i am missing on some part to help rectify this.


Step 1: Created a new Entity (SalesReport)


Step 2: Created a cube name SalesCube (Using SalesReport in structure)



Step 3: Created Rule and used Data picker Syntax to fetch the summarized Sales Value from Actual Sales Cube with physical name V003


Here is the image of all cube with physical name:


and below is what i had mentioned in Rule



Step 4: Created Dataview with Layout as Follows:


Axes: SalesReport,


   DataSelection: SalesCube, Functions: SalesRpt (<-The same rule which is created above)


Step 5: Value mentioned in Data Picker is not being Displayed


Can you please guide me in where i am making mistake, so that i can rectify it and get the desired output.