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Budget data with different dimensionality and granularity

Question asked by alpimilano on Dec 24, 2018
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how  can we budget data for measures having different dimensionality and granularity?

Consider some commercial and distribution cost calculated based on % or mileage

Commission cost, for example, are a % defined by customer (or by product or by aggregate entity like channel or brand) and data entry form should refer to this dimensionality/granularity.


Among the following solutions:


-use an ad-hoc data model with multiple cubes that fit the required dimensionality (and some lookup function to calculate the cost amount)

-use the sales budget cube and add some logic to write to a dummy element for each non-referenced entity (and some refer-to funtion to calculate cost amount)

-use the sales budget cube and add some logic to splat the unit value to each element for each non-referenced entity



which is the best approach with Board in terms of performance and scalability?


Many thanks in advance.