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Best colour for BOARD data input cells in a DataView?

Question asked by phil Employee on Jan 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by danieledilorenzo

I'm looking for opinions as to what colours you think are most appropriate for BOARD data input enabled cells in a DataView.

As most BOARD users are probably aware, the default is a pale yellow (R255 G250 B205) background with a black text:

You can of course change this default within a capsule and copy the formatting settings to all of your DataViews, but don't forget about the Corporate Identity Designer to set the default for all of your DataView data entry.


So, styles and colours go in and out of fashion and a quick internet search suggests that, in spreadsheets anyway, an option for data entry or hard-coded cells might be dark blue on the default white background.

I would be interested to hear people's suggestions, maybe with screen shots too.

Many thanks