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Detail-by references disappears when using conditional algorithm based on entity.

Question asked by malav on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by malav

Hello Team,


I have a Dataview Layout as this


Under axis I have these entities:




and under data i have these:


Content D, E and F have References by (div-dept, sample image shown below) 


All are cube and algorithm contents,


For F Content , i have entered an algorithm (E-D) and under references i have detailed it by Different divisions,


like this, 



i am getting a proper dataview, like this



Now what i want is for F algorithm as described above, if rows are Cost of Sales or Exp Expense is should calculate     (D-E) instead of (E-D).


I know this is possible by applying entity in layout and using conditional algorithm on it but when i do that the Var column and References detail-by Column (by division) disappears, and i can just see the Actual and Budget columns.


like this,



and here is the resultant data-view



is there any work around to fulfill my requirement, is there any functionality i am missing out ?!


please guide ,