Nexel Crossview seems to be forgetting reference values

Discussion created by malav on Feb 13, 2019

Hello All,


Board BI is an amazing BI tool with lots of thing packed into one, 


Since i was using nexel cross-view for creating summarized view of different layouts into one report i observed that reference cell values all disappears when i login to Board again after few hours, 


when i again go to formulas hit enter it works, sometime i have change reference and then type the previous reference values again to view values again,


for example =[#XYZ;abc;a;*] to =[#XYZ;abc;b;*] and then again back to =[#XYZ;abc;a;*], and values starts appearing.


Since i have read how Cross-View works i have made sure the values in reference tables have not changed their position, niether Rows nor columns. Moreover as i said earlier sometimes i hit enter it work (but sometimes).


Does any one else face this issue, is there a workflow issue from my end , is there a bug , do i have fix something on my end ?!


P.s I have one Cross-view and 4-5 layout from where the values are being referred in Cross-view.


Help me know more regarding this , let me know your suggestions and solutions.##