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column algorithm based on excluded cubes shows random values

Question asked by kstrebe on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by kstrebe

Dear all,


some of our salesman aren`t allowed to see margin. Therefore we`ve excluded the margin cubes in database security.

This works very well.

But, if we`re using this margin cube in a column algorithm it shows random values/ 100%.

Here the example:

Cube b= AE VK (orders retail price)

Cube e= AE EK (orders purchasing price- this cube is excluded)

(b-e)/b*100   (margin in %)

As the result of this column algorithm it shows 100%


We`ve tried to manage this Problem with an "if clause" but it doesn`t work either.

if(e=0,0, (b-e)/b*100)


Thank you in advance


Kind regards Katharina