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SAP BW / Board connection - issue on data read preview

Question asked by danieledilorenzo on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by lscaburri



I've succesfully tested a connection from SAP BW to BOARD using the trial version of the SAP Connector, but:



From the BOARD Connector Designer I can see the preview of the query but in Board SAP Data Reader I cannot see the preview: all fields contains a string like "abc###".

This makes really difficult mapp the fields and set properly ETL rule, or debug the application if something is not correctly updated.


Anyway , figures are uploaded in Board correctly.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour? Due to? How can I fix it?  



Than, I cannot save some settings in BOARD Connector such as decimals and column separator, but maybe this is due to the trial version. Can someone confirm this?


See attachment, containing some screenshots