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(FIXED) 10.5 Functions: WEB Object Copy and Paste

Question asked by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK on Apr 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK

Children's Parties | Dundee Science CentreA new BOARD release is a very exciting time.  Scrambling to read the release notes, diligently comparing version functions from one to another and then writing up the upgrade strategy utilizing the best 'agile' means to ensure the quickest and most efficient pathway to the update and release of all current models.  Ah, the bliss of rigidly applied, fashionable dogma of.. the da(y)..hou(r)..the moment - Tyrant's Hold Legendary Blacksmith : Grimdawn


Move Fast and Break Things Business Cards | ZazzleOK, hands up all the cool kids who just installed 10.5, read nothing and dived right on in wanting to re-create EVERYTHING...ON THE WEB PLATFORM. 


No more client install for you sir, no sir, you're FREEEEEEEE and on the web. 


Now, hands up all those searching for the ubiquitous function of Copy/Paste so you can re-create that 21 block super-duper report which you then copied several times in a tabbed container - you know the one, it's the Marketing Director's report that has 10 standard blocks and 11 algorithms to illustrate the effect of sales based on the azimuth of Pluto in relation to Jupiter in a tabbed container showing each of 3 scenarios, created by copying the initial layout and pasting it several times before editing each of the subsequent layouts - imagine having to re-create those dataview blocks without Copy/Paste???. 

Oh, and it's true that a few buttons to apply the selections to a single dataview would have done but, well, you know the Director and 'technology'.Feeling Confused about UCAS? - unCOVered


Why Copying Campaigns Between Search Engines Misses ...Well, the good news is (and some of you knew this), you still have the client install to use because, drum roll...there is no Copy/Paste in WEB 10.5, confirmed by BOARD's Pietro Ferrari in response to an idea raised by Gerrit Kohrs @SDG Group back in May 2018. 


If you read this far, I'm guessing you hit this issue and, possibly in desperation, turned to the community for help.  If so, I hope I've saved you pulling your hair out trying to achieve the impossible.  If you were not so fortunate, are now bald and have no fingernails, I'm sorry about that.  Although, it's sort of your own fault for not being actively involved in the community where there is always at least one developer, with (possibly) less hair than you, who has already made the mistake you made but has then written a smart-arsed, verbose post like this about their experience to help prevent people like you becoming people like me, I mean them.

Disney’s G-Force Movie Trailer! Smart-Arse Gerbils FTW.


Now, go and have fun - Might see you at BOARDville 2019 Baveno

(Salut to my friend and respected colleague Kevin Regis. I wish you great fortune and success in all you choose to challenge - you, my friend, will make a difference).