Dataflow between two cube with one different entity

Discussion created by giulia.messina on Apr 18, 2019

Hello everyone,

I have 2 cube:

- cube A ("Previsione Parametri Valore Elab - IdElab") with dimensions: Year (Anno), Entity 1 (SOCIETA'), Entity 2 (VERSIONE BILANCIO), Entity 3 (PARAMETRI ELAB)

- cube C ("Importo Variabili Budget") with dimensions: Year (Anno), Entity 1 (SOCIETA'), Entity 2 (VERSIONE BILANCIO), Entity 4 (Variabili Budget)


I want to copy values from Cube A to Cube C.

To signal the link between Entity 3 and Entity 4 I made a third cube (cube B) with these 2 entities:

where i put flag on the intersection to link the Members of the two entities: (example)

Then I made a Dataflow where cube C=cube A*cube B

The aim is to obtain the value that for example is on member "SOCIACC" of cube A in member "DSO001 Soci Acconti" of cube C, but it doesn't work.

I obtain the same result on all cube C's members.

Where is the mistake?


Thanks in advance