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Alert on calculated Label seems not to work in BOARD 10.5 Web

Question asked by aschmidtvsb on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by aschmidtvsb

I created a label which I used to show a trend arrow with this formula: if(a>0,"↗", if(a<0,"↘","→"))

where "a" is a simple numeric cube, which is also part of the label layout. The result type of the formula is set to text. The formula is working correctly and the right arrow is displayed.

If I set an alert on the formula, it will be simply ignored. If I set the alert on the info cube and show it in the label, the alert is correctly applied. It seems an alert on a formula with text type is not working in BOARD 10.5. Unfortunately the option is also missing, to refer to another cube to define the alert.

All of the definitions are carried out in the web client, not in the windows client. Does anyone have the same problem and found a workaround? Thanks in advance!


Best regards Andreas