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Question asked by sbuckley on May 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by sbuckley

Hi there,


Hope someone can help.  I am developing a number of financial reports which require a quarterly summary.

I am building the report in the same view.  I'm finding that I need to use a 'Refer To' statement on Quarter so that I can summarise data for Q1/19 for example.  Herein, lies the issue.  Next year the report will still be stuck on Q1/19 rather than update to Q1/20.  I have approx 60 examples of this on the one report so I need to find a solution.

I'm aware that there is the ability to create some custom data fields but we have apparently used our quota of these.


I really need some way of selecting the quarter without the year portion and then I could always make the year available in a Select.  Is there any way of doing this in BOARD?