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Can we create Relationship between two Entities coming from Different Data source, yet sharing the Same Code ?

Question asked by malav on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by raym

Hello All,


I have got an interesting situation in Board currently, i am using Board 10.3.


Generally Entity Codes are used as mapping points while creating relationship between different entities, right ?!


Now my situation is as follows:


I have an Entity being populated from Data Source: SQL Database, consider like this:


Entity Name(1) : Building Name  (In CODE: Building Number, In DESC: Building Name)


I have another Entity named CPI which gets populated through ASCII Reader, Data Source: CSV format file, Consider it:

Entity Name(2) : CPI (In Code: Building Number (in same format and data type as Entity Name(1), In DESC: CPI Value)


Now when i try to create a relationship between Entity Name(1) & Entity Name(2)  , i am not able to do that, Generally Board usually Maps entity by Codes but in this case it is not behaving in that way


Has anyone else faced this solution and can share their knowledge to help me out on this please ?!


Looking for Help,


Thanks and regards

Malav Shelat