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BOARD 11 - Calculation Procedure

Question asked by stephen_bi5 on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by antoniospeca



I'm testing out the new BOARD 11 and am wondering if some clarity can be given around the calculation procedures and the options within them? I have started a new database which only contains:


Time period - 2019



Item - consisting of 3 members



Sales (Item, Month)

Sales Quantity (Item, Month)


Now I am trying to do a calculation procedure (similar to a data flow in BOARD 10)



Can someone explain the 'Calculation Domain' items?

I have run the procedure with the step as displayed above. I am trying to use this to set all months sales = 1000. Yet, it appears blank when I view it in a capsule - can anyone see why this may be?