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Questions about MIGRATION BOARD10.5 to BOARD11

Question asked by dma on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by djeschkeit

Hello Community, I need some advice before I upgrade.

The conversion of the databases has to be done manually, at least in parts.
This is described in the release notes.


Extract from the RELASE Notes


Database Migration

The following activities must be performed to migrate a database to BOARD 11:

Before upgrading to 11, open the database you want to migrate with your current version (BOARD 10.x or earlier).

Got it! No problem!

Extract all cubes from all selected databases. This will create a series of CSV files in your Board\Dataset\database_name folder.

Got it! No problem!

Delete all cubes on the selected databases.

Got it! No problem!


Now install version 11:

Exactly here I am still hesitating!

Since I already have some databases running at the moment, the question for me is how I can manage this most effectively.


If you are a Cloud customer: Send a ticket to the BOARD support to get version 11 in the desired sandbox environment. Our cloud team will perform the deployment and notify you when you are ready.

Open the database with the new version 11 and confirm the database migration. If you have extracted the contents of the cubes in the default path, the migration process will automatically reload the cubes. If you have extracted the contents of the cubes in a custom path, the migration only converts the database, then an additional reload of all cube steps must be configured and performed that points to the custom extraction path.

Got it! No problem so far, but:


  • The migration is FINAL! There is NO way back to older versions?
  • Is (in the worst case) a DOWNGRADE from BOARD11 to BOARD10.x a possible option?
  • AFTER the UPGRADE I have NO access to databases in the old structure?
    If YES, how can I convert older BOARD databases if BOARD10 is NOT installed anymore or (better) has been replaced by BOARD11? Is there a TOOL for converting Databases?
  • Is it possible to install BOARD10.x and BOARD11 at the same time? I may have to convert older versions after UPGRADE into the new format.


Does any of you have any answers to one question or another?

I would be very glad for your help.