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Problem of selection on Time range

Question asked by pierre10 on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by graemewhorrall

Hello dear community,
I have a problem that you may have already encountered. Indeed, I seek to make a double selection on the time axis in a procedure to perform a calculation. To be done I created in the time range "Month reporting", which contains only the months of January to December (if we select month reporting = January this selects the months of January 2012, January 2013, January 2014 etc) . I also have a cube "year of work N-1" that allows me to determine the year on which I want to perform my calculation. So I would like in my procedure selects the December this year N-1. To do so I apply a first selection on the year via the cube "year of work N-1" and I then apply a second selection on the time axis "Month reporting" that I created. However, when I execute the procedure, the selection runs only on the year and not on my "month reporting" entity. The problem also exists when I make the selection in a screen. Have you ever encountered this problem? or do you know alternative methods? I put in place a substitution method but it requires the creation of several cubes.