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DOes Board CLoud use SOAP best or REST Based

Question asked by kundan on May 17, 2019

Hey Guys, 

These are my question Regarding Board Cloud


  1. A) Is the implementation of the web site/URL using SOAP based web services, RESTful web services or other?
  2. B) Is the web site/URL exposed and/or consumed over SSL? What is the key strength used for encryption?
  3. C) What are the roles available on Board Cloud and their rights? Example Admin ,Planning Analyst, Manager 




  1. A) Is access to audit/log data and audit/log trails limited to authorized reviewers only?
  2. B) Is audit/log data configured to prevent it been disabled, changed or deleted?
  3. C) Describe the back-up procedure for audit/log data
  4. D) How long is the retention period for service audit logs?