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Paste in Place?

Question asked by lukas.xuereb on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 27, 2019 by lukas.xuereb

DESIGN QUESTION: I may be asking a VERY basic question here, but it appears the rules for pasting Objects (inc. layouts, buttons, selectors) from one Screen to another are rather... haphazard. Are there any techniques for selecting an object or group of objects, copying them, and then pasting them to a new screen and having them maintain the same relative position, both on the new screen and to each other.


I've found, on numerous instances, a Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V will place a copy of a selected object on a new Screen in the same relative space. But then, for no reason whatsover, Board will commence pasting the object at the cursor position.


The same can be said for groups of objects; I can copy/paste objects to a new screen and have them all maintain their positions and orientations with each other just fine. Then suddenly, they all decide that a psudeo-Windows-cascade at the cursor position is the best way to execute what I've asked for.


Can any one direct me to where I'm falling of the Designer's Bandwagon?