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DB Security - dynamic selection on Cube and Capsule

Question asked by andreassauer on May 23, 2019
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is it possible to define a security profile that is based on a dynamic selection on cube and capsule level? I would like users to see only certain projects in different capsules. Therefore I created a cube with three dimensions: User, Project, Capsule. The Capsule entity is the same name as the capsules in my system.

1. In the user profile I set the custom selection script: select user = @user (this works perfectly)

2. I also made a dynamic selection on Project with the cube above. Then the filter icon appears. As soon as I click OK the filter is away and the dynamic selection is cleared. Is it possible to set a cube as a dynamic selection in a security profile?

3. Is it possible to set the capsule as custom selection script like: select capsule = @capsule?


Thank you in advance.


BR, Andreas