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Nexel Writeback Configuration

Question asked by aamirahsan on Jun 13, 2019

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone could please explain what do the two settings below control when enabling Nexel Writeback and in which order do we select them.



As per the Board Help Guide:


Nexel Write Back Command : it executes the Nexel Action in Data Entry mode paging throughout all the dimensions of the target cube that are not included in the layout axis. The Procedure Action logics are closer to a recurrent data-entry action than a data-flow and may then be much faster.


Select the Nexel Action from the Library. Choose if the command should use the active Selections and/or Pagers Item  when the Nexel Formulas have been saved or the Procedure Selections.

Edit Button opens the Nexel Action in Formula Editor mode.


Any guidance appreciated.


Thank you.