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SQL Error

Question asked by selvet on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by raym

Dear Community,

I have a question about reading data from  mssql DB.


I have a query like this:


select distinct A.c3, B.c4, C.c6
from A
join B on B.c2 = A.c1
join C on C.c5 = A.c1


Table C also has a column named as "c3".


It ran and read data. Cubes were loaded but when I checked SQL log file I saw some strange logs.


The column 'c3' was specified multiple times for 't'.


I found a solution like "not to read data with *". But as you can see here, I gave the table name.

What I understood from the error log is, Board converts the query and read data with "Select *...".


Do you have an idea about how to solve this problem?


Thank you for your help.