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Dataview formatting with Multiple cubes

Question asked by apurv_pednekar on Jul 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by bbroughton

Hi, I have a complex/tricky requirement and need help on how I can achieve the required output.


We need to have a data view similar as represented in the screenshot below.

Currently I have 4 cubes as shown above, data is being updated through Data reader or from other source cubes through data flow. For Cube 4, I get actual data as of prior year (in above e.g. till 2018) and 2019 onwards is my planned data.

My requirement is that in data view, Planned CY and 2019 needs to be highlighted as both are my current year planned data.

Also I would need 2019 column to have a drill down to screen (which will be detailed monthly data entry screen), while 2020 onwards to drill to a different screen (yearly at higher level data entry screen).

I tried having three different cubes to show cube 4 data, i.e. one to show actuals another for Current year planned and another for future planned. But in this case I need to uncheck show all in my column axes which results in my future planned cubes with no data in certain year to be hidden which is not right as I would like to know and may be update if any year is not planned and has zero value.