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10.5 CPSX capsule backup

Question asked by bbroughton on Jul 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by bbroughton

The release notes for 10.5 state the following;

"Features that are missing in edit mode can be used in play mode. So, if you have a NEXEL in a screen, you can still use it in play mode with the web client. If you need to develop a new nexel, we suggest to keep an update version of the capsule in the old format ".cpsx". Then, you can create the missing feature with the Win Client and migrate the capsule to be used with the web client."


I'm just wondering how we can keep an "updated version of the capsule in the old format" if we are using 'new' features that are only available in the web client (eg. double heading rows, gauge object).


Can we just save a copy as cpsx?


If we can't just saveas/rename and have to maintain two versions of the capsules then each time we migrate we'll need to re-build/add the 'new' features/objects which isn't ideal.