It started out so promising!

Discussion created by dma on Jul 9, 2019
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After I "tortured" myself with porting some applications from #B10.5 to #B11 for quite some time now, I come to the well-known wisdom: "Never change a runnnig System!" or, as always said in Apple circles: "Never buy Revision 1".


Okay, there are some things that are already working to an at least sufficient degree. I also think that the approach taken here is basically "okay". But nothing more.
Unfortunately, many functions are still "buggy". Cubes disappear, procedures have to be converted very cumbersome, I can't find a debugger anywhere (could also be my fault!), NEXEL functions don't do what they did before, and so on!


I could continue the enumeration almost endlessly! In fact, it actually boils down to having to completely rebuild my applications! That's nice for all consultants. For me it is a catastrophe. What a shame!


Besides, I am very surprised that the users are almost left alone during the changeover. Beside the RELEASE info and some USER postings here in the forum nothing (!!) comes from BOARD!
No online help! No support worth mentioning in the forum! Nothing!  Now I also have to buy a master license to test the move to B11! This sucks a lot!


Yes, right! We are not talking about a small update here, but about a release change, which is really full of pitfalls!
Especially in support, enormous potentials are wasted and I feel increasingly left alone as a user.


And now, from my point of view, the really annoying one is:
Apparently the B10.5 WEB Client is not being worked on any further. (You could use it to at least change the capsule BEFORE you dare to access the database.) Is that really the case?
Here are a few examples which are also reported in the support:
COPY&PASTE in Dataview: No (works in B11).
NEXEL: No (works limited in B11).
DRILLDOWN ERROR (to Excel): still present (Works in B11).
COLOR FORMATS in Treeview: desaturated colors are still transparent (does not work in B11 either!).
FIGURES in the graphics:  Still wrong (Works in B11).


I don't understand how you can neglect the debugging in B10.5, although the majority of users certainly haven't switched to B11 yet (among other things for the reasons mentioned above).


Until recently, I recommended Board as a great solution, but now I'm seriously thinking about how this could go on!


Enough time wasted with the release change!
More than enough annoyed about it!
I continue to work with the "old" board client to create my applications and accept that everything stays as it is!