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Read Only cubes and data readers

Question asked by pete on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by sanjay_bindhani

If a cube is read only as configured on the Database Security for a database profile is it so that in a procedure that clears will work (clearing all cube data regardless of entity access the user may have) but that data reader will not load anything into the cube? We are seeing this behavior but somehow I'm surprised by it. Thought it would just always clear and read all data in and that read only had only to do with whether user can input data into that cube on a screen. Would someone please make this clear? 

1. Whether or not database security read only a user's ability to clear a cube through a procedure. 

2. Whether or not database security read only affects a user's ability to run a data reader through a procedure and load all data into a cube (regardless of any data selection they may either be restricted to or have made on the screen through selections).  

3. Would a user's security data selection and/or selections they make on a screen affect either clearing or running a data reader even in case where security on cube is "OK" (that is not Read Only)? 

The data readers I am referring to are SQL data readers. 

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