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Procedures don't work

Question asked by dominikhaas on Aug 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by dominikhaas

Hi all


Again a problem with Board 11..

In Board 10.1.4. we had some procedures which calculates a target cube, since updating to Board 11 this procedure don't work anymore like it worked before.

You can see that we'd like to calculate the last column, where we add some values and remove some values. But it only calculates the first month and not anymore the whole year to the end-date of the database. How can the logic change, when two procedures do the exactly same thing?!


Any ideas whats the problem here?

Sadly its again a disappointment in Board 11.. But the most disappointed thing is that you in 9 of 10 times you don't receive an answer here..


best regards