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Issues with a layout which has Nexel and Allow Write Inplace enabled and a locker block

Question asked by aamirahsan on Aug 21, 2019

Hi all,

Just a quick question, have you had any issues with a layout which has Nexel (deepest entity rule+write enabled) and also Allow Write Inplace enabled. Nexel is enabled on block a and there is a locker on block b used to lock certain portions of block a cells. When the locker block is used, the Allow Write Inplace functionality is causing data entry to be incorrect e.g. numbers are not able to be entered correctly in certain months and are also not copying through across all months when using > shortcut. To continue using the locker block (and to ensure numbers can be correctly entered), Allow Write Inplace functionality has to be turned off or else the locker block removed.


Has anyone else had similar issues and any ideas to resolve it.


Thank you.