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How can I compare Cube versions which don't align?

Question asked by bbroughton on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by djeschkeit

I have a large cube (~23mb), which due to it's size and use we have set up 7 versions.

I have an issue where Aligning is not actually aligning call versions.  Version 1 is ending up slightly different to Versions 2-7.



I'm trying to compare V1 and V2 to hopefully work out where the issue is.  The problem I have is that the csv file for V1 is >100mb, with more records/lines than Excel is able to show.


Does anyone know of a way to force BOARD to use a particular version.  Alternatively, if I was to create some temporary cubes (purely to allow me to determine where the issue is), one dimensioned as V1, then other as V2, which version would BOARD use to dataflow to the new cubes?