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Looping a procedure through non-time entity without Nexel

Question asked by bbroughton on Sep 26, 2019
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Just wondering if anyone in the community has found a way to loop a procedure through a non-time entity WITHOUT using Nexel writeback or extract/reload?

At the moment we have to use Nexel Writeback to populate a cube with RANK-Count to get something like the below. 


Entity   Cube Val

Mbr1      1

Mbr2      2

Mbr3      3

Mbr4      4



Clearing and re-populating this at the start of the loop procedure allows the looping to be limited to certain user/screen selections, and to also automatically pick up any new entity members that may have been read/added from the source system.

We then run an algorithm comparing this cube to our incremental COUNT cube, and where they match we set a 3rd cube to 1, and then select the entity based on this cube.

The main issue with this is the fact that even though Nexel Writeback is called via a procedure, and the user technically doesn't enter ANY data into BOARD that doesn't already exist in far as BOARD licensing is concerned it is still a Data Entry process and therefore doesn't work when the procedure is called by a Lite user.


So I'm wondering if anyone has a way around this limitation without resorting to an extract/reload, and that is still flexible enough to accept ANY entity code (ie - non-numeric), and be limited to user/screen selections when the procedure is called, and automatically pick up any new members that were added/read at the start of the procedure.