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Extract entity without empty rows and pattern problems

Question asked by carlottaf on Sep 26, 2019
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I am trying to extract an entity to check if there are duplicates. When I sort the .csv file, I have some descriptions without code at the beginning of the file. In Board all members of the entity have a code and a description, so I checked it better and I found that some descriptions are wrapped up. Thus the descriptions without codes that I find in my .csv are the result of this wrapping of the description. Naturally before this there is an empty line that causes several problems when reloading all entities and cubes (after the migration for example).


This could maybe cause another problem: when I try to make data entry based on a pattern, it saves data on another code. For example, data entry on code xxxx -> saves on code yyyy.
Could this be the reason why I have this problem and how could I fix this and also the empty lines on the extracted file?


Thank you!