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HOWTO: Hide ALL Dataview border lines  

Question asked by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK on Oct 5, 2019

The dataview is a really versatile little workhorse.  Aside from being used to create tables, it can also be used as a toolbar for capturing user input selections or as a status display panel. However, it can be difficult to format in order to hide all borders and columns resulting in unwanted lines and ruining the effect.


Image 1 shows four dataviews; the first is used for the Red, Amber and Green (RAG) rating headers and allows the user to double click and select the records of the desired RAG rating status.  The three other dataviews below are used to display record totals for each of the ratings groups. 


Image 1: four Dataviews used to create an interactive Red, Amber and Green (RAG) rating display and selection interface but requiring further formatting:

The issue is the three unwanted borderlines and the four unusual white squares to the left of each dataview.  The squares are in fact a hidden column for the cube in block a.  This is the cube containing the records and used to provide the totals in each category.  left like this, one is able to unhide each by dragging them open and destroying the illusion of a control panel.


STEP 1 - To achieve the initial formatting steps on all four dataviews:

  1. De-select the 'Vertical Border Lines'
  2. De-select the 'Horizontal Border Lines'
  3. Hide the header - creating the unwanted border lines.
  4. Hide (Resize to 0) the first column - creating the squares.


Having carried out these steps, one will be left with unwanted lines and the white bordered squares to the left of each dataview.


STEP 2 - Removal of borderlines and hidden column.

  1. Select dataview.
  2. Select 'Cell Border' from the formatting menu and choose 'Transparant'.
  3. Select 'Header Options' and de-select 'Allow Column Resize'.


Image 2 - four dataviews fully formatted to appear and function as a control panel

Hope this helps anyone that has had this issue.