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Joining Tables in a Data Model

Question asked by ctouu on Oct 11, 2019
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I am a little bit confused, I started to work on Board but the last version is quite different from the older one. 


To load a cube (number of employees per year), I need to join tables in my data model. 
I can't find how to joint, I suppose it's in the Data Reader but I do not undersand how to do so. 


I find this on Board Manual : 

If any JOIN is needed, it can be defined under the JOIN tab, clicking on the ADD JOIN button and then selecting the fields to join from the 2 drop down lists. A where condition can be defined manually under the WHERE tab.

=> There is no tab or button. 


Can you help me ? Or maybe give me some examples, it would be very nice, 



Thank you by advance for ur help, 


Have a nice day,