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Review process for Idea : Feedback

Question asked by nicolasc on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by ecausse

Hello fellow Board community member and Board Employee,


TL;DR : We need more official feedback on ideas!


I know about the post linked at the end and that there is Board program - which I forgot the name of - for early adopted/beta test. Regardless, it's very disheartening to post idea in the forum at the moment.


One of main reason is the lack of official feedback. For example, even great ideas with 10% vote per view posted almost 2 years ago by active/trusted member haven't advance as "Planned".


Are those idea, not good enough? not on the roadmap? planned for 11.2? 15.5?

Why should I post my idea about a niche problem if these ideas that my customers requested every time aren't marked as planned? By the way, these 3 ideas are a no brainer : they should exist in the tool.


Also, idea that are actual done are still "Open for voting"



Therefor, when you open ticket on the support because you encounter known but undocumented limitation and the support team suggest you open an idea, you feel like you're ask to send a bottle in the sea. Example, where it happen to me :

  • Using Pattern based allocation with 3 entity in row.
  • Using NEXEL write in place feature and with NEXEL crossview 

Do notice, I didn't open these ideas, yet.

I've already create 9 ideas and I've go at least 9 more to be posted. But it's time consuming to document them clearly into a forum post and I'm wondering to what avail should I choose to spend my time doing so?


I understand, Board being very busing working on cool stuff. But in my opinion it's primordial to the Board community to get that kind of feedback from time to time in order to have a very cool and positive vibe for developer and end-user alike. 


I suggest review time frame being established every 3 or 6 month where Board give us a bit on feedback on the idea.


Finally, sorry for the rant but I feel there is probably constructive feedback hidden in there.


PS: Am I alone to feel that way about the idea section?






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