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Geo Map in 10.5

Question asked by andreassauer on Nov 8, 2019



I tried to create a geo map in 10.5. I have two places for my example, one is Hamburg and the other one is New York. The map on the left side shows a value with an alarm as bubble. The map on the right side is a copy of the left side but is shown as form.


I have two problems now:

1. The values on the right maps with the form are always shown in white colour. Which changes do I need to make to have the form coloured as the map with the bubbles?

2. When I zoom into the map with the form New York is shown as single polygon, however Hamburg is always shown as complete Germany. There is no cut just for the region of Hamburg. Is it possible to show just a polygon of Hamburg like in the US?


Thanks in advance.


BR, Andreas