Is it 10.5.2 or 10.5.1?! whichever, it's causing issues ..

Discussion created by bbroughton on Nov 6, 2019
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Can you please correct your version numbering, it's a bit confusing... and I think it's causing issues with the client versions that are connecting, and that in turn is causing things in the screens to break.


This is on a client's BOARD server. It was installed before the latest 10.5.1 (?) was released...


In one spot it's, but in the other it's


Yet when we connect to their server with our client, it tells us we're running 10.5.2.  There' a 10.5.2?!


But from what I've seen the latest available v10 is a 10.5.1, released here


Even if you look at the latest 10.5.1 installers available in the link above, the package inside quite clearly says


but if I look at the client I am currently connecting to the above server, it tells me it's running ...10.5.2..which from what I've seen/read hasn't even been released.



Why did I notice this... because a chart that displays and refreshes without this..


Now shows NOTHING if you enter the layout and simply click 'OK'..without actually changing ANYTHING at all in the layout!


I noticed the 10.5.2 version which was surprising, so though perhaps they had upgraded without letting us know, and there was an issue with it... but after digging deeper they hadn't upgraded, as shown by the first image above.


And considering these charts were only built/finalised yesterday it seemed  a bit strange to break today!  But they were built in the morning, and in the afternoon we updated our server to (or 10.5.2), which upgraded my client accordingly.


So it seems that whatever this 10.5.2 is, well that client will still connect to a 10.5.1 server.. and I'm guessing that is why our charts are all breaking when we try to amend them.


Why did we upgrade? Because support said they couldn't replicate a different issue on the latest we upgraded to see if that fixed didn't..and now we have more.