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Reverse Algorithm to Hidden Data Block

Question asked by danielhallam on Nov 13, 2019
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Hi All,


In version 10.3, I am using a column algorithm that pulls a value from one of two hidden data blocks, with reverse data entry into one of those data blocks. While it seems to pull the initial value correctly, I cannot seem to save the data entry on the hidden block and the values never update.


Do reverse algorithms only work when the reversed algorithm updates a visible data block?


To give more context, what I am trying to achieve is for each month of a financial year either show a locked actual figure or an open forecast figure.


My approach is to have an actuals period map data block, an actuals data block, and a forecast data block for data entry that are all hidden.

A column algorithm displays either actual or forecast based on the period map, is locked using the period map, and reverses data entry into the forecast block.


As mentioned this picks the correct value and the correct months are open for data entry, however saving does not seem to save the value in hidden forecast data entry block.


Not sure if I am missing something or this feature doesn't work as I expect. I am open to different approaches as well.


Thanks for any assistance.