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How to select default entity

Question asked by premiermike on Nov 21, 2019

I working with a typical financial reporting scenario where in the course of normal business, historical transactions can be posted to any valid combination, as follows:


Account    Department            Bus Unit

 6000          1900                         10
 7000          1900                         15
 7100          1900                         10



This many-to-one relationship is working fine and should remain. For planning purposes (using the above example) I would like to establish a "default" business unit for the department so that even though there is a many-to-one relationship established, the "default" business unit (say 10) is selected in the same way you might use a dynamic selection to select months or any other entity based upon a cube.


This would allow the ability to plan at the "department" level and ignore the business unit as it would have already been selected.


Any suggestions would be welcome.