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Dynamic Selection on 2 entities

Question asked by premiermike on Dec 6, 2019
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I am trying to create a dynamic selection based upon the intersection of two non-related entities (assume salesperson and customer) such that when a salesperson is selected from a pager the dynamic selection will show only those customers for the salesperson selected. I built a cube based on these two entities as follows:


                        Cust 1         Cust 2          Cust 3         Cust 4


Person 1               1                  1

Person 2                                   1                  1

Person 3                                                       1                   1


I applied this cube to the selection related to the customer entity. When I entered data for one salesperson, it worked exactly as I thought it would. However, as soon as I entered data for for additional people, it no longer worked and the dynamic selection was ignored.  Clearly, my understanding of how to create a dynamic selection based on two separate entities is flawed.


Any suggestions as to the correct way to do this is appreciated.