Master Capsules and Editing at Scale


Have you ever built different capsules, maybe because some users should see something that others shouldn't?

Maybe the Sales team should see only some screens, while the management should be able to see all the screens?


Most of the times, great part of the screens are identical through the different capsules, except for some of them.


Let's consider this example:

  1. First Capsule
    1. Screen A
    2. Screen B
    3. Screen C
  2. Second Capsule
    1. Screen A
    2. Screen C
  3. Third Capsule
    1. Screen A
    2. Screen B


If you'll need to edit screen A, you'll need to replicate the changes x3 times!


What if there's like a "Master Capsule" that would spread the changes through the "Child capsules"?

It could be very useful if I'd be able to set from the first capsule that Screen A should be inherited by Second and Third capsule.

So that this way I could just edit Screen A on the first capsule, then I could maybe click a "Sync" button in order to spread the changes in the other capsules.


Do you think this could be useful?




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