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I have an ongoing issue on my local machine where the BOARD service keeps disappearing, and I'm hoping someone can suggest somewhere else to look to try and fix it.   The Server is still installed, but the Service no longer exists.  You'll see in the snip below it no longer shows in windows services.....     even though the

Hello everybody,   When we try to start Board Mailer Services, we get the following even in our event log, and the service crashes. All the other board services start without any problems.   We're using windows server 2012 R2 std 64x.    Any help is appreciated.     Application:
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Previously in the BOARD client, I was able to use suggested values based on an entity and limit the users selection to the selection made on screen.   For example, select in BOARD:   And suggested value data entry:   However, with the same setting on the web client, the whole entity can still be selected from if the user