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Hello,   Does anyone know if the reverse algorithm can work with a date or text cube?  I'm trying but I can not make it work.   Note: We use Board 9.1.0   Thanks in advance.

If I want to display the following data in a treemap diagram, I encounter a problem:                     The scaling in the Treemap object is obviously correct. But, in my opinion, the color coding is faulty (or at least not comprehensible/understandable for me).        
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Hi,   in BOARD you can create max. 999 Cubes, which is enogh in many projects. But we're facing the problem, that in some bigger Projects we're using a lot tec-Cubes and so it is sometimes hard to be within this limit.So it would be great, if this limits get extended in a future release.   Examples for Tec-Cubes (mostly driven by new