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Announcement 1 New release available - BOARD

Hello,    My use case is as follow :  In one screen some users mark members of a dimension using a cube with checkbox. In another screen, different users should see the percentile of member marked that represent the selection they made.   Therefor, in one block I need to do a "Total By" to count how many member are marked
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BOARD PATCH RELEASE  Board Client version 10.3.0 can connect to a server running Board Server 10.3.0 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations. Capsules and Databases created or modified with version 10.3.0 cannot be re-opened with version 10.1.4 (or prior). This update
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Hi,   I am working on an application in which the application is divided into multiple modules. Each module have its capsule but one database. now the requirement is to merge all the capsule into a single capsule. How to do that ??   Any help or idea.. Thanks
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Context This is a request directly coming from a customer and would STRONGLY enhance the usability of the Presentation Mode which would close the loop.   Issue - The user has a reporting page where he/she starts from a blank screen with an empty dataview and user adds columns in the report builder - The user saves the created report as a
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Hi Guys,   I have a Board application running on Board 10.3 for which I don't manage to create a PDF report when using the Web client. When I click the create report button (either in the top-right corner menu or directly on a screen object), the loading circle displays on the middle of the screen and nothing else happens after that.