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Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
 It was inevitable, all the signs were there.  Whilst my wife was planning ways for us to spend time together, I was planning BOARD 10 to 11 migration processes and regression tests.  Where she wanted to snuggle up in the evenings, I was finding excuses to sneak off into the study to mess about with BOARD 11.  It all exploded

Dear All,   I have 2 cube, the first cube is a date cube with one dimension is article, the second cube is single cube with 2 dimensions are Month and article. I want to make a new single cube with 2 dimensions are Month and article. i want to fill the value in new cube by second cube with the logic is if the month in second cube equal or
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I am trying to build a report using a data viewer, however firstly I had to put entities in as axes so that they can be flattened out rather than having them in the data block, which just returned the total count in that entity.  However I now find that if I have more than 2 entities in the axes the screen does not  display, but just