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Hi Community   our server is in Italy, with local settings   dates in reports are viewed in the format dd/mm/yyyy   Some US users would like to view dates in the format mm/dd/yyyy   Is it possible to do something locally, without affecting same reporting when used by EU users?   thanks
BOARD 11.1    Board Client version 11.1 can connect to a server running Board Server 11.1 only, it is therefore required to update all Office Add-in installations. Capsules and Databases created or modified with version 11.1 cannot be re-opened with version 11.0 (or prior). This update includes fixes and improvements of the Board
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Hi,   Its my first time trying to load a Csv file with Board 11, but after configure the data reader the "RUN" Button is not enabled Whereas its possible to run a sql data reader. Steps: Source - I created an new data reader and connected with the local file (*.csv) which i exported out of excel. Options Csv and delimiter symbol ; is
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Hi, We use BOARD to offer access to our clients to see dashboard performance stats. The row level security does a great job is only showing each user the data they are allowed to see,  however our internal security team have concerns that there is no out of the box option for either two-factor authentication, password format controls or
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In Board i see there is a configuration for the #REST Url with the parameters. However, I would like to parameterize them with some kind of GUI like textboxes, with which the users can simply enter values.   Is it possible in Board?   best regards