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Problem Statement-    (a) Cube A contains Data from year 2010 to 2018.        I want to plan for year 2019.        My  Selection contains reference data from  year 2014 and  I need to copy it in year 2018?       Please suggest how to achieve it.
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Hello,   Running into an interesting issue. Trying to move data from a 3 dimension cube to a 4 dimension cube, both sparse. The data seems to hang at the following location for roughly 3 minutes. Both cubes have a single version defined.   Cube 1: Month Dense Employee Sparse Version Sparse Cube 2: Month Dense Employee Sparse
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Hello to all. I created a button with a procedure. The user who uses that button has a license Light Plus. I can not understand why if I launch it from my client the procedure works correctly. When the user launches it, it does not work perfectly. Looking at the logs we see that there are two lines missing. I had thought of a trigger in the
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Bob Gill
In traditional programming environments, sourcecode control is the ability to track all configuration items and code contributing to the application. Does BOARD have some way of interacting with sourcecode control? I understand it's more of a graphical development environment, but I know many formats are supported by sourcecode control tools